Suffering with Dry Eye?

Dry Eye occurs when you produce fewer or poorer quality tears and are unable to maintain normal eye lubrication. Signs of Dry Eye include foreign body sensation, itching, burning or stinging, excessive watering, redness, ‘tired’ eyes and contact lens discomfort. Dry Eye is a complex condition that can benefit from careful management by a Dry Eye specialist.

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Innovative eye care

Spectrum Théa Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an ophthalmic company dedicated to improving eye health care problems.
Our innovative eye care products are designed to be preservative free, perfume free and offer the most advanced formulation for your eyes.

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  • Eye Lid Hygiene

    This unique range for eye lid hygiene was designed to be kind to the skin and the eyes as they are free from aggressive detergents and perfumes.

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  • Dry Eye Management

    Preservative free Dry Eye drops to give instant and long lasting relief, in an easy to use, economical bottle that can be used with contact lenses.

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  • Eye Nutrition

    A complete combination of vitamins, nutrients and Omega3 to give the most up to date formula to protect your eyesight.

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  • What is Dry Eye?

    Find out more about the symptoms, causes and treatment of Dry Eye.

    More on Dry-eye
  • What is ARMD?

    Find out more about ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) symptoms, treatment and prevention.

    More on AMRD
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